- born in 1956, Essen/ Germany
- study of fashion design, Hochschule für Design, Pforzheim
- Kunstakademie Augsburg
- studioproject München
- guide for visuel meditation, Akademie für Gesundes Leben, Bad Homburg
- art foundry Hofmeister, Höhenrain / Berg
- researcher for emotions
- teaching course in small bronze sculptures
- study and inspirational trip to USA /Irland/ Italy/ Norway
- works as an independant artist since 2000 

" My children have taught me light-hearteness - my husband self-assurance. I have learned my desire for peace
and quiet from my mother - and clarity of thoughts from my father. I have inharited my creativity and my down-to earth nature
from my grandmother - and my sense of freedom has evolved from the restraints imposed upon me!"


- since 2013 initiator of the studio days in Waldtrudering-Munich
- since 2016 initiator of evening salon, literature, theatre, music, lectures, exhibitions
- since 2017 Charity project Nepal - education and medicine / Also take a look at press and
- 2018 Ägypten - Fayoum Art Center - Dozentin für Bronzeplastiken


- Allianz Kulturstiftung/Berlin
- Gemeinde Ottobrunn


While I work on sculptures and paintings - and not only then - I prize dreams more highly than reason.
This allows me an invisible reality, which begins, where creativity and emotions start.


MKG - 1868 königlich priv. Münchener Künstlergenossenschaft
Sculpture network
Ottobrunner Kunstverein


Blow soap bubbles.
Listen to a bird.
Take responsibility because you want to.
Go see a circus.
Plant a flower.
Let some joy into your soul.
Dream up your own flying carpet.
Be glad; be sad; be thoughtful.
Trust in your own confidence.
Define your goal.
Play with children.
Dare to err.
Treat yourself to some latitude.
Take a walk in the sun.
You do not have to know everything already.
Turn out the light at night and listen to the silence.
Allow yourself to drift.

A.M. 2012