• born in Essen, Germany
  • study of fashion design, Hochschule für Design, Pforzheim
  • active in design for globally active fashion companies
  • head of meditation, Akademie für Gesundes Leben, Bad Homburg
  • foundry Mark-Andreas Hofmeister, Berg / Starnberger See
  • instructor for small sculptures in Germany, Egypt (2019), India (2021)
  • since 2000 sculptor, painter
  • participation in numerous national and international galleries, art fairs, exhibition
  • living and working in Munich, Germany


2019 Ägypten
2019 Ägypten


  • Allianz Kulturstiftung International, Berlin 2019
  • Gemeinde Ottobrunn, 2013


MKG – 1868 königlich priv. Münchener Künstlergenossenschaft
Sculpture network


It seems as if I am looking at nobody, but for me it is everything!
The person behind the truth – or the truth behind the person.
In my bronze works with their reduced representation that veges on the abstract in painting.
I have been exploring depth and levity, humour and seriousness, the absence and the presence of emotions –
up to a wide soul dimension, which can only be expressed and framed without words –
with relentless ucriosity for more than than thirty years.
For the purpose of the greatest possible clarity
I put my dreams before reason for this allows me to solve many things unconsciously which could not be solved conscious